Chlorophyll drops to refresh and detoxify.



Let the cleanse begin! Detox Drops gives you the power to refresh from within.

  • Naturally controls body odour and excess perspiration
  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification system
  • A source of antioxidants
  • Sourced from mulberry leaves
  • 100% water-soluble
  • Vegan-friendly
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free



  • Take 30 drops with water 2-3 times a day.


  • The Science

    What’s in a Detox Drop? The power to refresh from within! 

    In recent years, detox has become a much-talked-about buzzword. A less-known fact, however, is that your body already has its own detox system in place: a complex network including your intestines, lungs, liver and kidneys. They work together to filter out foreign and potentially harmful substances from your body every day.

    Here’s the good news: Helping your body defend itself from harm and optimize its natural detox system is easy, and Organika’s Detox Drops is here to help you! Organika’s Detox Drops contains chlorophyll, which is a powerful component found in all plants. Chlorophyll is renowned as an internal deodorant and for its antioxidant properties. Added to water, it makes for an instant cleansing tonic.

    An alternative to conventional deodorant, Detox Drops acts internally, helping control body odour and perspiration without any harsh chemicals. Reduce your exposure to chemicals and refresh your detox system!

    Your body naturally produces free radicals, which in the long run contribute to ageing and disease. The chlorophyll in Detox Drops is a highly effective antioxidant: it helps you stay fresh while fighting back against cellular damage.

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