Goutrin helps relieve pain and inflammation associated with Gout.



  • Helps lower uric acid levels
  • Reduces symptoms during a flare-up of gout
  • Helps relieve joint pain, stiffness and inflammation around joints
  • A potent combination of 5 natural ingredients that prevent gout from reoccurring
  • Naturally sourced from herbal ingredients

Goutrin 60 caps

  • Goutrin® is Organika’s answer to pain caused by gout. Goutrin® is a unique blend of gout-fighting ingredients that target all aspects—from limiting uric acid production, to get ridding of uric acid already in the body, to providing pain relief and preventing an attack.


    Gout is an inflammatory type of arthritis caused by uric acid crystals. A naturally occurring compound, uric acid is produced in the body and is also present in foods such as animal protein, alcoholic beverages and sweetened drinks.


    Typically, your body is capable of dissolving uric acid in the blood and passing it out through urine. However, overproduction or very little excretion may result in over-accumulation of uric acid in the blood, also known as hyperuricemia. Gout occurs when uric acids accumulate into urate crystals in your joints. These needle-like crystals cause inflammation which causes excruciating pain and related symptoms.


    Goutrin contains 100 mg of cherry powder, which has been linked to a 35 percent lowered risk of gout attacks, compared to no intake. When combined with allopurinol use, risk of gout attacks was lower than during periods without either exposure. Cherry blocks the tubular re-absorption of urate and increases urate excretion in the urine. Cherry juice may also block xanthine oxidase and reduce the production of uric acid.

    Included in the formula is 30 mg of vitamin C, an excellent source of antioxidants. Research shows that vitamin C intake is strongly associated with a lowered risk of gout as it helps reduce levels of uric acid in the blood. Vitamin C is an effective anti-inflammatory, as well as an essential nutrient in the formation of collagen, a protein needed for healthy joints.

    Celery seed contains natural phytochemicals that help to provide pain relief. Celery seed is used mostly as a diuretic, meaning it helps your body get rid of water by increasing urine output. Celery seeds contain several substances, including volatile oils, flavonoids and antioxidants (which may protect cells from damage); coumarins (chemicals that help thin the blood); and linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid). Celery seed powder helps neutralize acids in the body. It’s also sometimes used to help reduce muscle spasms, calm the nerves and reduce inflammation.

    Apigenin, a flavonoid found in high amounts in thyme and peppermint, is a potent inhibitor of xanthine oxidase. This product catalyzes the oxidation of hypoxanthine to xanthine and uric acid, thereby limiting the production of uric acid in the body. Menthol also has a calming and numbing effect on muscles as well as a diuretic effect on the body (increases urine output).


    Thyme herb contains thymol, one of the important essential oils, which scientifically has been found to have antiseptic and anti-fungal characteristics. The other volatile oils in thyme include carvacolo, borneol and geraniols.


    Goutrin truly provides the solution for all aspects of gout.

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