Magnesium bisglycinate combined with vitamin D in easy-to-drink powder form

When magnesium bisglycinate and vitamin D3 pair up, what do you get? An easy-to-absorb, gentle magnesium and a double whammy of benefits, for the maintenance of health without any worries. Who knew Serenity was this easy to find?



    • Provides relaxation support to body and mind 
    • Helps with energy and metabolism
    • Helps to maintain normal electrolyte balance
    • Aids in maintaining proper muscle function, including the heart
    • Helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, for healthy bone support
    • Chelated magnesium for higher absorption without digestive upset
    • With added vitamin D to support immune function and good mood
    • Unflavoured or Lavender Mint powder, easily dissolved in water



    • Mix 1 heaping ¼ teaspoon (approximately 1.4g of unflavoured) of powder with a glass of hot or cold liquid. 
    • Makes a great before-bed beverage. Add Serenity to your evening routine, to allow magnesium to relax your muscles and brain, allowing for a more restful sleep.
    • Can also be taken with food, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

250g, 178 day supply


  • The Science

    Magnesium is a mineral which is essential for the functioning of your body. It is found in muscles and soft tissues like the heart and brain, and extra is stored in bones and teeth (which also keeps them strong, and keeps calcium in proper balance). Magnesium is involved in hundreds of roles, including energy production, nutrient metabolism, producing DNA, regulating blood sugar, balancing mood, relaxing the body and mind, controlling electrical charges across muscles and nerves and over six hundred enzyme reactions. It also acts as an electrolyte, keeping pH levels balanced and water flowing across cell membranes. Sounds pretty important, indeed!

    Like mentioned, magnesium is essential which means we don’t make it, but need to intake it from our diet or supplements. Magnesium is rich in plant foods, especially those high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll, the substance that gives plants their green-ness, is essentially ‘plant blood’ and is high in magnesium. Seaweeds, dark leafy vegetables, fruits and veg, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains are all great sources. But magnesium is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies – over 35% of Canadians aren’t getting the estimated average requirement of magnesium from their diet. This is due to a lack of whole, fresh foods in the diet, along with other factors like poor digestion, taking certain medications, the intake of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and cigarettes, and a lack of magnesium in the soil due to nutrient-depleting farming practices. This leaves our body low in the mineral that is involved in so many vital jobs. No wonder we’re not feeling optimal!

    Many of the functions listed above involve magnesium’s role in relaxing various systems in the body. Think of something stressful – everything gets tense, right? Well it’s magnesium that allows all those cells and tissues to relax. This goes for your muscles and heart, as well as digestive tract and nervous system. These areas are supposed to get tense when you are in danger, to allow you to run away or fight. But because we’ve added so many more stresses to the plate, and get stressed over so many things that are less than life-threatening, modern-day humans are staying in their fight/flight/freeze mode of their nervous system more often. This leads to a higher overall need for magnesium. Less going in, more required. We might be in trouble!

    Supplementation can help to make up for this imbalance. Organika’s Serenity provides magnesium bound to glycine amino acids, allowing for easier to transport across the digestive tract lining and into your tissues. As glycine also has calming effects, this formula does double duty in promoting relaxation of the body and mind. It is also much less likely to cause side effects like upset stomach or loose stools, which can occur with some other forms of magnesium. 

    One of our other common nutrient deficiencies is vitamin D. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin, as it is made in our skin when exposed to UVB radiation. You can also get it in the diet through foods like grass-fed butter, free-range eggs and mushrooms. Due to our specific geography, modern living conditions and factory diet, we can easily be deficient in vitamin D. It plays important roles in our immune, mood and brain health. It is also important in bone health for the metabolism of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc to keep bones and teeth strong and prevent bone loss. Because this nutrient is also key and yet lacking, we’ve added it to Serenity to give you a one-two punch towards nutrient balance!

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