Sciatica is the name of a syndrome used to describe pain that radiates or spreads along the path of the sciatic nerve – a great big nerve that branches down from your lower back through your hips, buttocks and down each leg.  Most frequently the pain of sciatica affects only one side of the body.  The cause of sciatica is inflammation – usually due to a herniated disk or bone spur which compresses the nerve. 

Symptoms of sciatica can include:  lower back pain and buttock pain and numbness, pain or weakness in one leg or foot.  Although sciatica is an incredibly painful condition, it does usually resolve in a few weeks.  Orange Naturals Sciatic homeopathic formula contains supportive remedies to help with the symptoms mostly commonly associated with a sciatica attack.



  • Temporary relief of sciatica and nerve pain symptoms such as cutting or pinching
  • Helps individuals experiencing discomfort with sciatica pain aggravated by sitting or lying down

Sciatica Tincture 100ml

    • Liquid format is simple to administer and absorbs quickly
    • No artificial flavours
    • Medicinal grade alcohol base

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