Skin Tightening Using Infrared Technology

With Sharplight Technologies

Skin Tightening Using Infrared Technology

Introducing the Infrared Sharplight handpiece, which is a light based technology that creates focused heat, thus contracting collagen and tightens the skin, without damaging surrounding tissue. Rather with this dermal heating, the tissues then undergo remodeling associated with regeneration of fibrous tissue and collagen due to micro injuries caused by the heat.

In contrast to radiofrequency, the IR infrared spectrum is both predictable and easily understood on the known coefficients to the target chromospheres of water. Now without going too deep into the technical and scientific terms, the IR device is able to keep the epidermal at a safe temperature while targeting the deeper tissue where we want the tightening to occur. This unique IR technology creates a “dual clinical effect” of immediate skin tightening together with long term new dermal collagen formation. This treatment can be used in parts of the body such as the face cheeks and neck area, arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc. When applied to the mid-face and lower face, it can result in improvement of the nasolabial fold, jowls, submental fat.

Using IPL, RF and IR technologies together, allows deep, yet safe penetration into the multiple skin layers, subsequently remodelling collagen, tightening skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars. In addition, it ensures immediate, long lasting results in just a few visits to the clinic, with limited to no downtime. All in all a great non-invasive way to look and feel young again.

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